Akpınar Cheese

As Akpınar Cheese, we started our journey in 1985 producing only Ezine cheese and we added various types of cheese to our catalogue over the years. We are moving on with the goal of providing our consumers with original delicacies in various forms. Bringing together technology with engineering and experience with mastery, we continue our activities to present all our products, particularly in the category of ripened cheeses, to our consumers in the form of products that fulfil the food safety and quality criteria.

Our company, which is now in its 60th year in the milk products sector, has adopted the goal of providing our consumers with high-quality products that ensure food safety. Our products are under our guarantee until the moment you consume them. What makes Ezine cheese different is its milk. Our company and all our products are HALAL- and BRC-certified.

beyaz peynir

White Cheese

Different from classical white cheese for being more affordable and lighter, this cheese does not need to be kept and ripened in cold room, is made of cow milk and offered for sale in tins of 17 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg and plastic containers of 500 gr, 700 gr and 1000 gr.

tulum peynir

Tulum Cheese

Brined tulum cheese (a traditional Turkish cheese ripened in a goatskin casing), which can be offered for sale after being ripened, is made of the mixture of sheep, goat and cow milk. Its hard texture and its characteristic flavour that is formed during brine curing will make it an irreplaceable cheese for you.

kaşar peynir

Kashar Cheese

Aged kashar, one of the rarest cheese types in the category of ripened cheeses, is produced from the mixture of sheep, goat and cow milk depending on the season. Kashar cheese, which is boiled after clot extraction and formed into blocks in its gummy consistency, is packed in sacks after a pre-ripening period of 30 days and sent to cold storage rooms. It is offered to you after a ripening period of minimum 6 months. It stands out with its sharp and intense smell and its hard texture.

sürülebilir peynir

Spreadable Cheese

This cheese, which we produce from cow milk for those who like soft and spreadable cheese, has a rich protein content besides its tasty natural flavour.

tava peyniri
Pan Cheese

Pan cheese, discovered by Akpınar after a long research and development process, is a type of cheese that can appeal to consumer groups of all ages. Made of cow milk, pan cheese is a brined cheese you can prefer thanks to its light taste, low salt content, sliceability and quality of not oozing. It can be an essential part of breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, or warm starters such as Turkish pancake (gözleme) and pastry.

Recipes With Cheese

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