Our company, which is now in its 60th year in the milk products sector, has adopted the goal of providing our consumers with high-quality products that ensure food safety.

Our products are under our guarantee until the moment you consume them. What makes Ezine cheese different is its milk.

Our company and all our products are HALAL- and BRC-certified.

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Our activities regarding quality and food safety

At Akpınar, our priority is offering products that are good for consumers’ health and do not sacrifice quality. Accordingly, we continue our efforts focused on process monitoring, constant improvement and development with the awareness that production of high-quality products is possible only with high-quality raw materials and auxiliary materials.

In relation to raw materials, while we maintain our efforts for procurement of good-quality milk, we also strive, with the same excitement we felt on the first day, to raise awareness in farmers and ensure the sustainability of animal husbandry.

The next stage ensuring the standard quality of our products is the control of the other inputs in our production process. All inputs are very important to our company, each considered as an element affecting the quality process, and they are checked carefully.

Our process from controlled procurement to production, including positive and negative comments of consumers on the final product and our monitoring, is considered a whole. Our data are not restricted to numerical records and are considered to be one of the most important elements that ensure our development and the monitoring of our process.